Why Are You Fussing?

My knee, the bad one, started fussing at me last week.

Me: What’s your problem?

Joint: Don’t you remember?

Me: I mean besides what happened [redacted] years ago. You haven’t ached like this for a couple of years.

Joint: [loud pop, then sigh] Remember what happened three weeks ago? The car door?

Me: [looks at still-technicolor, still-tender bruise on side of leg, just below knee] Yes. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

Joint: It is now! He, he, he. [maniacal giggles]

At least all it does is ache constantly, thus far. *taps wood* It doesn’t seem weaker, just “tired” and sore, like when there’s a major temperature change and I’m tense and cold and fatigued all at the same time.

Oh well. As long as it is only the usual places hurting in the usual ways, I’m in decent shape, really.


7 thoughts on “Why Are You Fussing?

  1. I think my bad knee and yours have been comparing notes. At least I have one good knee (for loose values of “good”).

  2. Me: to back, hip, knee, etc. Why are you hurting more than usual today,? I haven’t abused you lately, the weather is fair and likely to be that way for a week, what’s up?

    Back, hip, knee etc.: It’s been a while didn’t wan’t you forget about me/us.

  3. Me to shoulder: What did I do? Did I sleep on you wrong?
    Shoulder: You remember all that bending over you did, to remove the old wiring harness and install the new one?
    Me: Yes, and my lower back is still pissed. I promised it I’d stretch yoga-like later. Why?
    Shoulder. Because the muscles pull on what, besides the lower back?
    Me: Um… the shoulder blades?
    Shoulder: and the muscles in me are attached to?
    Me: Oh.
    Shoudler: Yep. you are a cat’s cradle with one string pulled, so everything else is tangled and hates you, too.
    Me: okay, Epson salt bath tonight *and* yoga stretching. And then you’ll be happy?
    Shoulder: I refuse until you give me a manual override. Why haven’t you gotten a massage lately? You need a massage now. after the bath and the stretching. Because when the bill comes due, you have to pay all the extra charges that accrue, whether you were aware of them or not.

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