New Anthology is Alive!

Happy New Book!

Adventure, westerns, fantasy, you name it.

The North Texas Writers, Shooters, Pilots, Costumers, . . ah heck. The North Texas Troublemakers ride again.

My contribution is “To Absent Dragons.” But read the whole thing. Please?


9 thoughts on “New Anthology is Alive!

  1. Yay! So happy to be included!
    And, yes – my tale is a plot ripped from Kipling, and likely to be included in the next Lone Star Sons episode, with Jim the 1840s Texas Ranger, and Toby Shaw, his Delaware Indian blood brother!
    I’ll do a bit on the blog later — the daughter and I have been working all day, taking down the Christmas tree and packing away the seasonal ornament. Have too much on our plates to do, to wait until Epiphany…

  2. Bought it, sampled about a quarter of the stories. Very nice concepts and re-imaginings.

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