Of, For the Love of Leapers . . .

I was sitting in the airport, minding my own business, reading a comparative frontiers history monograph . . . when a new Shikhari plot ambushed me.

No, go away! Shoo! I don’t have time for this! Shoo!

16 thoughts on “Of, For the Love of Leapers . . .

  1. a) woohoo!
    b) condolences
    c) at least it did not require a trip to the hospital
    d) possibly better than what is being inflicted on me than what passes for my muse

  2. My condolences. It should have had the good graces to wait its turn, but instead it rushed in with all the clumsy enthusiasm of a black lab puppy toward a small boy holding a burger and looking the wrong way…

  3. “The Lives of the P’urnal Lancers” or “The Tans and Pinks”? ๐Ÿ™‚ Putting up an umbrella in case of carp.

  4. Naughty muse! Still, more Shikhari sounds good. I’ve noticed that there’s lots of room in that universe to exploit explore.

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