Book Updates November ’21

The Lone Hunter’s short story should be available in the near future. It is the first in a side-series, Familiar Generations, that shifts away from the main Lelia-André-Arthur tales.

UPDATE: It’s now available.

I’m about halfway done with City, Priest, and Empire. It is . . . . different from the other books in the Merchant series, and will be longer than the others. Halwende Valke is an intriguing character to write, and hard to do well.

I’m finishing one of the stories for Familiar Paths. That leaves two more stories to finish. I’ve been waiting on some technical and procedural details. Those are now in hand, so I hope to get that knocked out over Christmas.

The plot, more or less, for Overly Familiar is gelling. Deborah is a junior in high school and is 100% teenager. Alas. Hiram is in the Army, Art is being academic. Lelia is hearing rumors about a new dealer in recreational pharmaceuticals who may be selling more than just chemical bliss. And Arthur is being Arthur, causing his suflit fica to contemplate having an expensive mid-life crisis, or just a loud case of the vapors, while André contemplates the horrible prospect of accepting that he’s now the older, wiser, mature member of the Riverton magic-workers’ community.

I also have a story in the upcoming North Texas Troublemakers, um, that is, Writers anthology. It’s about the importance of fairy stories and dragons.


11 thoughts on “Book Updates November ’21

  1. Purchased and downloaded. Great story, and a very personable look at the underside of a Hunter’s life. His … Companion? … makes a great counterpoint, and weaving that thread through the story was a very deft, almost feathery, touch. I didn’t expect some of the twists and revelations in here.

  2. Hmmmmm. A sort-of new type of magician? And good if painful work getting rid of the newest Bad Guy. Though it sounds like there’s still potential for more trouble there.

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