Friday Query

So, is there any interest in my releasing a story in the secondary series “Familiar Generations” about the Lone Hunter? It would be a $.99 short story, the first in the next “generation” of Familiar stories. No, don’t worry, Lelia, Tay and Co. are not going to disappear with Overly Familiar, but I’d like to get something out since I’m setting Familiar Paths aside this month to work on the next Merchant book.

Also: Is anyone willing to answer some questions about the US Army and the area around Ft. Bragg? I need some info about checking into a base, and if a scenario would be reasonable (for Mike and Rich versions of reasonable.) If so, please ping my e-mail (see the About) page, and thanks in advance.


15 thoughts on “Friday Query

  1. Would buy. Generations is a good spinoff series idea, if it’s still selling well. I’d like to see what the younger generation has been getting up to off-screen.

  2. Interested. Generations is a good series for minor character characters to step up, and adds some nice background.

    • Lourain, I have no idea why your comments are going into moderation. They shouldn’t, because you are a known commentor.

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