White Gold is Available

The book, not the metal, sorry.

Salt. The original white gold. Men labor for it, died for it, killed because of it. Now trouble simmers between the salters of Halfeld Fluss and those who need wood for crafts and fuel.

Widower Tarno Halson, master salter, only wants to work, raise his sons, and find a wife to help him. Instead he finds himself in the middle of the conflict.

Set in the world of Merchant and Magic, this blue-collar fantasy tells the tale of an average man who isn’t quite so average.


16 thoughts on “White Gold is Available

  1. Yay!

    But the spirit of the season demands you cackle manically, and scream “It’s alive!” 😀

  2. Hmm. Looked for it through my Kindle, and it’s not on that list. Time to go directly to the ‘zon website.

    • Ordered, but the Amazon gerbils are on break. I’m binge-reading Dorothy Grant’s trilogy, and will pick it up after A PD with explosions,

    • When I looked for the link this morning, I had to go through the “author side” of Amazon, find a link there, and then put it on the blog. They seem to be running a little slower this time around. I wonder if they are getting overloaded with people trying to release in time for Christmas.

      • I’ve seen this before, with various authors.
        Apparently the database updates diffuse out from the author link.

      • I ordered this at Noon Left Coast time, but it is still saying “Order in process” at 4PM. I’m tempted to cancel that order and try a fresh one.

        I can’t recall any other issues like this before. OTOH, the ‘zon’s image servers frequently fail with respect to Dish Internet, so anything is possible with them.

        • OK, now I’m really confused…

          It’s now on my Kindle, but the Amazon Digital Orders page says it’s still pending. I assume that they’ll get the billing right fairly soon.


          • The “Order Pending” is separate from “Do I Have The eBook”.

            I have no idea about why the delay but it has happened to me for some orders.

  3. Bought with no issues and read immediately. Tonight’s deal is rereading. Lovely detail about getting through the year with no payday for six months…

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