Be He Ne’er so Vile, This Day Shall Gentle His Condition

What is this day? Why, the feast of Saints Crispin and Crispinian, of course. What do you mean, you didn’t go to mass, or feast your neighbors and show your scars? The battle was a mere five hundred years ago!

For a more rousing version, played by an Italian organist on a French instrument:


7 thoughts on “Be He Ne’er so Vile, This Day Shall Gentle His Condition

  1. Only slightly off topic … our local church plays music at the appropriate daylight hours in addition to bells. I’ve heard “Soul of My Savior” a few times over the past couple weeks. For *some* reason, Sabaton’s catalog begins playing inside my head beginning with “500 Jahren”, and I’m suddenly on high alert and ready for action.

    I wonder which mischievous cat could have caused the connection?

  2. In the old Orthodox Calendar, St. Crispian’s Day is in 13 days.

    Why do I know this?

    I was plotting a novel starting early November, and decided I needed to have Saint’s days on the timeline for both calendars.

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