Are Pizzas Growing, or is it Just Me?

At brunch a few days ago, Several people got carry-out boxes for their desserts. I powered through and finished mine. This led to some discussions about “I could have eaten this entire sweet roll. A few years ago.”

I noted that pizzas are getting larger. Back in the day *coughcough* years ago, half of a large, two-topping, thin crust pizza was supper, and the rest was supper the next day. Now, two slices – maybe three if they are small – is supper and the rest of the pizza is dinner and supper.

It absolutely cannot be that I am growing older, and my capacity for consumption of high protein, high fat foods is decreasing. No. The only logical explanation is that pizzas are now larger for any given surface area or volume than they were mumblemumble years ago.

Yeah, that’s it.


8 thoughts on “Are Pizzas Growing, or is it Just Me?

  1. The “pizza” chains have shrunk the “product” year by year, and now and then introduce an extrasuperreallylarge, which is the size that honest pizzarias have always made them.

    Your problem is that you don’t live in Pizza Country.


  2. Blame it on the last Washington Naval Treaty, by analogy. With pizza parlors constrained or going out of business, the remaining ones can only survive by increasing the pizza size and calibre of toppings. That would explain the pizza shop I saw in Nova Scotia (grumble) years ago, offering a 21″ pizza.

  3. Pretty sure they’re shrinking, or at least I now have to buy six instead of four, and there are never leftovers.

    Oh, you say that’s because four teen sons eat more than four child sons, not pizza shrinkage?

  4. The regional pizza chain (Abby’s) offers two sizes of gluten-free pizza. (Standard pizzas are seriously off-limits.) The Personal is good for a hearty lunch, with or without a small salad, while the larger is good for dinner and a meal the next day. I’m not adverse to pizza for breakfast, so it’s good that way for lunch. I’ll have the small one sometimes when in town for shopping, while the larger one gets purchased when I’m on an short road trip.

  5. The gluten-free pizzas I get are small enough I go “I should be able to eat that, have a salad on the side, and dessert.”
    I actually eat half.

    …I blame the cauli crust. Must be that, not me.

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