A Quick Reminder about Blog Rules

It’s been a long time since I posted Do’s and Don’ts, so it seemed like a good thing to do. This is not because of any one comment or problem, but just a general update.

  1. The blog posts are moderated, especially the first time you comment. Or if you use a different e-mail. WordPress occasionally glitches and I have to release comments from people who are otherwise approved. I try to check every few hours, but if I’m on the road, it may take a while.
  2. Because there are a lot of readers from Europe and elsewhere, I ask that you don’t talk about doing unkind things to political leaders, US or otherwise.
  3. Yes, FaceBook blocks some posts. No, I don’t know why. It was blocking all posts for a while. So if you try to link a post to a FB post and you are stopped, it’s me, not you.
  4. I don’t mind typo catches and critiques. Please do check to see if someone else has flagged that first, though. I get irked when five or six people flag the same thing. It’s not you, it’s me.
  5. If you want to sell a product or service, please check with me first before you post an ad comment.
  6. If your entire comment is a long theological infomerical for your tract/book/blog, it will not pass moderation.
  7. Ditto e-currency. A thousand word comment about the benefits of, oh, DogeCoin or BitCoin belongs on your blog, not mine.
  8. Language needs to stay PG-13. I know, I sometimes break this one in the excerpts. I will try to be better about toning down the blog-version of the story.
  9. Discuss theology as much as you want; but please don’t run-down other people’s beliefs. And keep in mind, theology 1000-300 years ago could be a lot different from current churches’/synagogues’/temples’ teachings.
  10. I will track down and thump the first person to start the 9MM vs. .45 caliber argument in the comments. [See theology above.]

It is a very, very rare day that I have to edit a comment or block someone. I’ve only blocked two people, one was a serial advertiser and the other . . . Yeah. That one went/goes after me because of two other people that the individual has decided are their enemies or something.

22 thoughts on “A Quick Reminder about Blog Rules

  1. Thank you for running CRQ. It’s part of my daily reading, and daily pleasures. I feel sure all of your regulars will say the same.

  2. #8- isn’t that “one f-bomb” for a motion length movie, now? Or is it just a non-toned-down (ie, “darn” or “gosh”) curse?

    Since we shouldn’t be doing movie length comments but books are definitely movie length, this is more of a reason to not write “C4C.”

      • Well, gosh darn, I guess I ought to try not to use too many fracking cuss words on your blog. ;-p

  3. It’s somewhat sad that you have to make a post about Blog Rules.

    • I figured it was due, and clarifying some things up-front should make it easier the next (very unusual) time I have to edit someone’s comment. I have to keep in mind that I have blog and book readers who live in countries where the govt monitors the internet more closely, and thumps people who post/read the wrong things.

      • Yeah, this is a business site for you, and I need to keep in mind how generous you have been with some of my ranting and raving.

  4. #10
    Because everybody knows the .40 is the best of both worlds!*
    (Dives for cover)

    *For the uninitiated, this is a joke.
    The round tries to split the difference between the 9mm and .45, and does so in a “meh” fashion. Adherents of the 9mm (speed+capacity) and the .45 (mass+diameter) schools actually find common ground making fun of the .40 (or giving grudging respect to the similar sized 10mm). It’s an adequate but unimpressive round. It’s not great at anything, but isn’t bad at anything, either. Except that nowadays, you can probably find ammo to feed one. So there’s that…
    The brief commercial success of the .40 was mostly an artifact of the brief ban on magazines carrying more than 10 rounds (and law enforcement agencies adopting it in the wake). After the ban expired (and . manufacturers figured out how to squeeze 10 rounds of .45 into a normal diameter grip), the main selling point went away.

    • For many years, my position in the OS holy wars was 8 bit DOS. Because I was sure of being able to disagree with almost everyone.

      Now? I dislike IOS, Windows, /and/ systemd flavors of Linux. (I may be installing a systemd flavor of Linux soon.)

      • I stay with Slackware Linux because it’s not too far from the HP-UX I learned years ago*. systemd is not part of the picture. (FWIW, version 15.0 is due out Real Soon Now, and IMHO, it’s worth waiting for. On the gripping hand, 14.2 will get you started, and the conversion isn’t too gruesome. I’m using 15.x-current in two non-production machines. They work well, but get updates every few days.)

        (*) No, the dot-matrix printers would not work on clay tablets. The plotters might, though. 🙂

        • I was stupid about acquiring hardware, and think I may have enough of an easier time with certain systemd distributions that I need to use them as training wheels for now.

          • I’ve run slackware on machines ranging from a Y2K Sony P4 Vaio (Not quite enough RAM to let me do what I wanted, though it was a good MP3 player in the shoop), a couple of 2012 Dell Inspirons, and circa 2014 Dell Optiplexes and a Dell Latitude that started life as a Win 10 laptop.

            The Latitude and the quad-core (but slow disc) Inspiron laptop are running Slackware 15-current. One of the Optiplexes is in the shop/barn, and that will be the crash test dummy when 15.0 is rolled out. 14.2 is fine for most purposes, but I discovered that some ham radio applications (WSJT for one) need library revisions not shipped with 14.2.

            FWIW, you can set up a thumb drive or DVD as a live-Linux arrangement for test-drive purposes.

            (We never had any HP-Apollo machines on hand when I worked at HP and Agilent. I gather that they are *interesting*.)

  5. Re: 10…

    Even the much-scorned .25 has had fatal effect. And the arm that matters is the one in reach, no matter what it be. The .88 Magnum ACME Little-Gem Thermonuke Launcher on the shelf WAY OVER THERE might be better in every other way…. but even the *ROCK* you can grab *NOW* wins (but you ALL know that…).

  6. Modifying Corporal Tyree’s line from the end of “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”:

    ” No suh, my momma told me not to chew tobacco, drink whiskey, or [snip-shift] get into any theology argument.”

    Safer to leave those to Familiars.

  7. Should there be a rule about whining “Is It Out Yet”? [Crazy Grin]

  8. Many years ago, I had BIG calibers at my console. Titan IIs, (one at a time) and Minuteman Modernized (my 10 and the other guys’ 40. Never got to shoot one… I’m almost over that… What might have been…

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