Odd Name, Fun Place

I wasn’t certain what to expect when MomRed announced that she’d booked a small cabin “with a loft.” Actually, it started with “how do you feel about climbing a ladder into a loft?” Since RedQuarters lacks lofts, I wondered if this meant that she was hiring me out to help someone at church or who she knew. No, it had to do with sleeping quarters.

So, seven and a bit miles east of Fredericksburg, TX, we pulled onto a small side road and wound through houses to a set of four small cabins, very much like the Sunday Houses found in the region. “Rumpelpunzeldornaschenwittchen” filled a small sign. I had been warned that the cabins were named for fairy tale characters, and that the hosts Heinrich (Henry) and Barbara were German, so I sorted out “Rumpelstiltzken, Rapunzel, Dornrose, Aschenputtel, Schneewittchen.” My parents and I stayed in “Rapunzel,” a lovely small cabin with a tiny half kitchen (no stove but has small fridge and microwave), bathroom, sitting area, large downstairs bed in an alcove, and a twin bed upstairs.

Lurking at the top of the ladder . . .

OK, any place with a dragon waiting in the loft can’t be too bad.

Not recommended for those who dislike heights.

The ladder’s not as bad as feared, although making multiple trips up and down per day reminded me why I don’t like stairs. The cabin was very quiet, and comfortable (good Air Conditioning). Breakfasts were semi-German, meaning that Barbara used US meats and cheeses to provide a German-style breakfast with cold cuts, boiled eggs, bread and cheese and butter, fresh fruit, fruit juice, yogurt, and occasionally pastries. The cabin came with a coffee maker and microwave and hot-plate, as well as plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils.

The landscaping is attractive, and you don’t feel as if you are surrounded by houses (aside from the chickens from across the creek who sometimes visit). There’s a nice little pond, and fireflies at night. Hummingbirds, cardinals, and other birds nest in the area, and swallowtail butterflies worked over the clover in the yard. Yes, mosquitoes, but that’s par for the course in this part of Texas, especially after the wet May and early June they had. All damage from Snowvid 21 has been repaired.

The other place of note where I stayed was the Whitten Inn.

Yes, there are two cats who supervise housekeeping and maintenance.

The Whitten is in Abilene, TX. It is just off I-20. It is not fancy, but it is amazingly clean, with very reasonable rates. The family is pro military, and there are retired and active duty military and police/fire/EMS discounts. The place advertises that they use My Pillow™ brand bedding, which tells you a bit about their opinions, if the USMC flag flying beneath Old Glory wasn’t a clue. However, they don’t make a big deal about politics. The big deal is a quiet, comfortable, no-frills stay. The furnishings are not fancy, but they are comfortable, at least for me. I was delighted not to have a pillow-topped mattress for once (I prefer firm rather than “disappears into the fluff never to be seen again.”) The Whitten Inn doesn’t serve breakfast at the moment, but there are several eating places close by.

Dining in Fredericksburg ranges from chain restaurant (pizza, Diary Queen, and so on) to German-style and German. There are several very good Italian places, a number of bakeries and coffee shops, and so on. One thing to be aware of is that even in tourist season, Monday and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday, are often closing days. Tuesday is the most common “closed” day. The bakeries are good, and if you want snacks, well, bakeries, popcorn shops, candy shops, fudge, ice cream . . . And then there’s the peach ice cream from the farm stands by the highway . . .


6 thoughts on “Odd Name, Fun Place

  1. Warning! “Cute” Dragons are often more dangerous than non-Cute Dragon. [Big Dragon Grin]

  2. “Dining in Fredericksburg ranges from chain restaurant (pizza, Diary Queen, and so on)…”

    Well yes, under the Texas Constution you can’t even consider incorporating as a town or city if you don’t have a DQ and a Sonic Drive-in and seven Tex-mex restaurants. If you want to be a home-rule city you have to add at least one Whataburger, double up on the DQ/Sonics, and have an uncountable number of Tex-Mex places.

  3. The DQ also serves as the first stop sign, so that denotes civilization. And it goes from there …

    Laughing, because we’ll eat occasionally at a restaurant called Two Cats. The owners have two cats, who generally disappear when the tourist crush starts. You see them early in the day walking about. Later, they’re somewhere aloft in half-molten mode, simply watching the action below. And of course they’re on the mugs, T-shirts, etc. that are for sale.

  4. Nice AAR, and yes, Fredericksburg is an ‘interesting’ place to visit. Especially the museum!

    • The museum(s) will get their own report. Especially THAT museum. One day is almost enough, if you start when the doors open at 0900 and don’t read every single display. If . . .

      • Was in Chicago once (a long time ago), and tried to hit the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and the Museum of Science and Industry – all in the same day. Managed about 2.5 out of 3 of those, but the feet!….they were NOT happy at all.

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