At Last! The End is Nigh

Of the academic year, that is.

The Dean is making the rounds to determine that all the grades are in. Properly. On time.

“Yes, this includes you, Sr. Mary Conjugation.”

The faculty are willing, at least after 0830 local time.

“Yes Sister Scholastica, as soon as the rest of the coffee gets through our systems!”

Father Martial and the Dean have their hands full keeping everyone on track . . .

“No, you must stay in the classrooms until the bell sounds, even if you are done with your exam!”

Occasionally the faculty also need a gentle reminder.

“You, too, need to clean out your desks and snack drawers. And the workroom refridgerator. Even St. Jude couldn’t assist with what was found last May.”

And of course IT has to remind everyone:

“Back up over here, then do this and this, don’t forget to check this fourth drop-down menu, chase your tail, then conclude, then log out, and then make sure all the peripherals are shut down, and THEN power everything down for the summer. See? Easy.”

The last student departs, the last grades are entered, closets cleaned, ‘fridge emptied. . . and the Exodus is reenacted:

We’re free! We’re Free! (At least until August).

14 thoughts on “At Last! The End is Nigh

  1. I learned loooooong ago that you have a specific person clean the fridge.

    They unplug it the day before last day, and leave it open. Can make first attempt at cleaning on that day.

    Then you clean it again, when it’s room temp.

    Then you cover it in bleach heavy scrubbing bubbles. And leave it over the summer…..

    • Sr. Hygiene is somewhat fanatic about removing anything that looks as if it might be fuzzy food. Her convent had a bout of food poisoning some years ago, and she’s been a bit proactive about “out it goes” ever since. It’s the unclaimed soda pop, diet ice cream bars in the freezer (kids didn’t like them when sold in the lunch room. Should have been a warning), that sort of thing that need to depart.

  2. Someone also needs charidmata to clean and sanitize the coffee pot – all the pieces.

  3. Nooooo… you don’t clean the coffee pot, it FINALLY got seasoned right! Sigh… Great analogies with the animal pics 🙂

  4. That is a genuinely impressive Doberman, that is.

    I like the painted black cats, too.

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