New Release: Wolf of the World

Wolf of the World is now live.

Dark magic, darker geology (or at least uncooperative rocks), a old wolf, and a Texan.

Empires came and went, but little seemed to change until an oil-field survey crew from Houston arrives on the Polish-Ukranian-Slovak border. The Galician oil fields had played out . . . or had they? And what brooded from the top of the mountain that wasn’t there (per GPS)?

Linda wants oil. Gregor and the Elect want freedom and revenge.

A dark fantasy with strong romance elements. 28K words.


11 thoughts on “New Release: Wolf of the World

  1. “Dark magic, darker geology (or at least uncooperative rocks), a old wolf, and a Texan.”

    My money is on the Texan.

    Ox not damn fool.

  2. Texan can probably cure anything with sufficient dynamite. 🙂

    Read it last night, and will re-read tomorrow, both times letting heat work on sore shoulder. Well done! Definitely a romantic fantasy, with all elements in harmony. Thank you for an absence of bodice-ripping, highly impractical dress, or bizarre situations. Any location where empires overlap already has enough bizarre.

    Typo: the word “lunched” appeared; was this meant to be “launched” or “lunged”? It broke my concentration for a moment.

    • “Lunged.” There’s always one tyop that somehow manages to escape and evade until publication. SIGH. Thanks for the catch.

  3. Bought it, read it – with a bobble, for a while I only a bity on the kindle, had to re-download. It was good to see a vampire treated as a monster. And I liked Gregor and Linda a lot.

    Couple typos to report; “She water dripped”. and “more that could be said for some of the mangers back home.”
    And I think the story says she was only there one night for the climax, but I think I counted two. Someone double check me?

    • It should be two. Once the ‘Zon settles down, I’ll upload the corrections and catches that I’ve been getting. (Not this week. This week is . . . busy.)

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