Spring is running two weeks late. Or at least the flowers are running two weeks late.

A storm was coming in, which made the light odd for a while.
Moving to the back yard . . .
Ye Olde Iris-colored Iris. With columbine, which are about to take over everything. The front of the house and four roses have vanished in the yellow columbine. I’m about to take pruning shears and start chopping.
Iris and foxglove. Please do not chew on the foxglove, even though it is sweet. (Digitalis sp.)
Fluffy rose.
Mini rose. Note paw for scale.
Another miniature, this one to replace a yellow one that failed to survive the -11 F temps.
Because columbine are cute.
Mom and Dad Red went for two bags of potting mix. That’s it, two bags of potting mix. This, and a peach-colored rose, and two bags of potting mix later . . .
A Yellow Rose in Texas. Not THE yellow rose, that’s Harrison’s Yellow, and they sprawl. This one is a super-hardy landscape rose that, for the first time ever, is actually doing as well as the red and pink ones are. Yellows seem to be a little more fragile than reds and pinks.

10 thoughts on “Iris!

  1. Envious… (black thumb over here). The only thing I can grow is weeds… sigh

  2. Regarding the two bright yellow flowers, the second one and the last one: The photographer in me wants to suggest that a bit of exposure compensation – say, 2/3 stop underexposed – plus a bit of ‘brighten shadows’ in Lightroom will bring back detail in the blown-yellow areas in both photos.

    • Some day I will run some of my photos through Gimp, just to play with them (and with the program) and see what happens. I was thinking more of overall composition (and file size) when I was tweaking them prior to upload.

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