What Overcrowding?

I took a different route this weekend for part of my run downstate, in order to avoid the construction Purgatory that is I-40.

Remind me about global overpopulation again.

This was on the way home, same route, facing northwest. Just your typical Panhandle pasture.

Big sky – not just in Montana.

It was good to get out, away from the city. I felt a weight lifting as I left people (and traffic!) behind. Yes, it is a mildly rough two land farm-to-market road. It’s not quite as convenient as the interstate, or as the interstate would be if it were not torn up, narrowed down, and otherwise made sporting. But ah, to get out and about, and to see more than just the back doors of a big-rig.

The view from FoolzCon as a cold front lingered.

The picture above is from a well -watered part of the state, well-watered in comparison to my corner of the world. We’re east of the 20″ rainfall line, and in an area that has been blessed by a lot more moisture this fall and winter than I have been. It shows. The wildflowers were beautiful, plentiful, and all growing in places where it would have been suicidal to try and pull over to take photos.

But the fellowship was fun, and the coffee, well . . .

Tay and Wendell (“Hooooonnn!”) approved.

6 thoughts on “What Overcrowding?

  1. Great to see you, and sometimes the road less taken IS the best way to go. And yes, we have big sky here also!!!

  2. I had occasion earlier this month to go from Utah to Nebraska…and back…via I-80. In spite of the frigid winds and snow still on the ground, the spring orange-cone, orange barrel, and orange-and-white striped barrier flowers were blooming in abundance, and I still say that if Wyoming is God’s country, He can keep it.

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