Malevolently Familiar is Live

Familiar Tales book 18 is now available.


Evil is moving. But mages (and a sorcerer of uncertain years) just might move faster.


31 thoughts on “Malevolently Familiar is Live

  1. I’m glad it’s finally out!
    Is there a reason why the text appears as black letters on a dark blue background?

    • Not that I know of, unless something with it having to be formatted as an EPUB instead of MOBI when I turned it in to Amazon affected the display results. When I used the Preview feature, everything looked OK (Black on cream background). All I can do is suggest changing the display setting on your e-reader and see if that helps.

      I’m sorry you are having display problems!

  2. Someday I might face the Ultimate Problem…

    A NEW Familiars book AND a new “Bob’s Saucer Repair” book at the SAME TIME.

    (Sarah’s Shifters Series isn’t involved due to bias. THAT gets an OVERRIDE priority over everything not immediately health-critical. Familiars and Saucer Repair come right after that, though. As in, I will skip MEALS to read. I might even skip *cocktails* – and I can mix stuff most bars in town *can’t*. And of what they can, I can do better… -by accident-.)

    • I had an hour’s worth of Gentleman Takes a Chance and finished that before M-Familiar. I’ve put other books on hiatus, and if I’d been further from finishing, I’d have done the same.

      I think I need to check out the Bob’s books once the TBR stack gets a bit smaller.

      • The Bob and Nikki books are a lot of fun. A new one may be coming, as it has been a few months since the last release.

        • Just checked, Orvan is right, another Bob and Nikki book just dropped. Glad I read the Familiars first. 🙂

          • Bob & Nikki are great ‘get away’ “popcorn reads”. Familiars is a bit more serious.
            And now… read Malevolently and suspect the Dyce read, or finish Dyce (which I am taking Golport notes on…) and then MF, which I will *not* be taking notes on? And then Bob & Nikki… unless, of course, Bowl of Red… which gets override of EVERYTHING. Yeah, I’m biased.

  3. Hurray! Downloaded and will begin enjoying later. Kindle for Android is giving me some issues.

  4. Quite a ride! I’m going to have to re-read it to get the most out of it, I’m sure. (I was too anxious to find out how it would end 😉

  5. Re: St. Paul, I always question where the “Paul was a sexist” people get it. I mean, have they ever met any Jewish women? Do they realize that his Jewish rabbinical teacher’s daughter is quoted in the Talmud? Do they realize that a couple of his female cousins from Tarsus set up as physicians, started a free clinic to take away customers from Asclepius’ temple, started two monasteries, and were the people who got Papias started on his collection of Christian oral traditions from eyewitnesses?

    Paul was like, “Dudesses, keep it down to a dull roar. Wear a hat to show the dignity of ladies who will judge angels. Also, Timothy, listen to your mom and grandma’s teachings.”

    Everybody else just reads him wrong…. 🙂

    And I’m sure that Andre knows that.

    • I remember hearing something like “If you want to take down a King, you first take down the King’s best generals”.

      People who hate Christianity, will hold off attacking the Christ and will attack St. Paul. 😡

      • Well, since we are [per modern “experts”] supposed to hold everyone to super-modern standards, anyone who doesn’t push full 4th Wave Feminism and Grrrrrrrrl Power is a terrible sexist, of COURSE St. Paul is the archetype of the male chauvinist pig. Say people who have not read contemporary Roman sources about female infanticide and other things.

        • Contemporary Roman sources are actually a complete fabrication by The Patriarchy.

          Rome was actually a feminist matriarchal magical hunter-gatherer utopia of indigenous peoples opposed to the white male toxicity of western civilization.

          Would you like to buy shares in a bridge to be built across the Atlantic, from Antarctica to Greenland?

    • Oh yes, he probably does. But keep in mind, popular (mis)understanding vs. historical understandings, and context. And Andre is teasing – like the comments about “the all powerful patriarchy” in J-Familiar as Mistress Cimbrissa is scolding Arthur about something or the other.

    • You are just a bigoty bigot who bigots, and wants to kill all the women.

      How dare you have any awareness of pre-modern custom? How dare you think for yourself instead of farming it out to a bunch of specialized, narrow academics including no few total lunatics? How dare you act in any way but what is politically convenient for others?

  6. Re: cardinals as holiday birds — Kinda inevitable, given the wren of St. Stephen’s Day and the Christological finch of Christ-child pictures. If a spot of red can make a bird Christological, then a bird that’s all over red and winters over — it has to be Christmassy!

    There may also be some kind of arcane theological association with the Christmas Bird Count, which I’ve always thought is a weird day to get out there and birdwatch, but I guess it works for those who want to do it.

  7. Also, there is no greater superband than Silly Wizard at its height. Just isn’t. Several virtuosi onstage, welded together into one amazing whole… seriously, there just wasn’t anyone else to touch them on the night Andy Stewart had his son. Any other band would have been distracted and worried; they just plunged into the music like there was no tomorrow. Others may sometimes equal them, but there’s none like them.

    Unfortunately, that night was also the beginning of the end for Silly Wizard as a band. And I think they knew that tour was their last hurrah, more or less. And that’s why they played so beautifully.

    Nothing against Steeleye Span, and they’re pretty amazing, but the People of the Hills went to Phil Cunningham for music lessons.

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