Status Update: Malevolently Familiar

I am in the process of edits and corrections for the book, and will be needing outside readers later this week.

Wolf of the World should be done next week, the draft at least. It will be a novella.

I got ambushed by a dark fantasy story this weekend. We’ll see how it goes. I want to get the Merchant book done before tackling anything else.

For those worried about Book 18 being the end of the Familiars, no. It is the end of a major plot arc. The series will continue.

15 thoughts on “Status Update: Malevolently Familiar

  1. As for the “End Of Familiars”, you did post a couple of snippets that have to be set much later than “Malevolently Familiar”. 😉

  2. “I got ambushed by a dark fantasy story this weekend.”

    That’s the difference between Writers and everybody else. I believe Sarah Hoyt said something like, “I have to write the stories down so they will shut up and get out of my head.” (Sort of like how the artist lady in the Familiars series paints to get the subjects to leave her alone.)

    I have no idea when you find time to sleep. Not that I mind reading the stories you produce, I’m not complaining here.

  3. If you so desire, I offer to read the sample of M. Familiar. And I *fully* understand you choosing NOT to get my input (I do expects do better.) I will steer clear of Wolf… I admit, I stopped reading the snippets. Not everything is for everyone.

    Best wishes.

    • Wolf is a LOT darker and intense than the Familiars are. It’s not going to be grimdark, but I’m going to have to put a lot of thought into the jacket copy, so people who expect humor like the Familiars series don’t get an unhappy surprise.

  4. I know that “ambushed by …” routine. I had snippets or vignettes to write, so I could clear mind space for something more important. Near-term schedule is filling up, so let me check before volunteering to read.

  5. I had thought that the series might end, with other stories possible in that world later, but speaking out seemed ungrateful or worse.

  6. If I didn’t give you the screaming heebie-jeebies the last time I volunteered as a reader, I’d be willing to give it another try.

    • I think I’m still on her list.

      But what list it is, I’m not sure. [Crazy Grin]

      • I have the bad feeling a lot of us are on the Carpapult list, whether or not we fish to be there.

      • I’m probably on a list, and wasn’t tapped for the last two.

        Probably a little too much raving lunacy right now, and not having read the second yet, so I regret not being in good position for the third.

        Guess I ought to email an offer wrt to the wolf one.

        • I got the sense that you were “a bit busy”, so I didn’t send K and L. Wolf might be ready after the middle of the month.

          [I’ll take “sentences that mean things only if you already know what they mean” for 500, Alex.]

  7. If my last sets if commentary were not too offensive / nitpicky / grammar bitch, I would like to review Malevolently Familiar gir you. And / or Wolf of the World.
    I am very glad that the story will continue.
    John Sage

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