Learnedly Familiar

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Missing people, driving teenagers, unicorn-crazy 7 year-olds, retail excitement . . . it’s all too Familiar for Lelia Chan Lestrang and the rest of the gang. Oh, and shedding. Can’t forget shedding.

And gates where no gate should be.


22 thoughts on “Learnedly Familiar

  1. Are there any plans for audiobook versions of your works anytime in the foreseeable future? Asking for a blind friend.

    • I probably should. I just have not taken the time in several years to look into the costs for having it done. Things have changed a lot since the last time I went through options and contracts.

  2. Buying it now! I had plans to do housework today but it’s not going to happen! Oh I can’t wait!

  3. Partway through. *Ahem*. I will not hold you responsible for nightmares of my grand-aunt, who was a nun and taught English. Her first question when we visited was “how are your grades?”

    I notice none of your creatures from lower planes ever erupt in the vicinity of a convent for retired religious. It’s safer for the creatures, and less penance for religious enjoying the battle too much: “I Told You, Wash Your Hands AND Claws!”

  4. I find myself awaiting the next release with even more enthusiasm than I had previously felt. Very well done, ma’am.

  5. Dear me.

    Do I buy it now then wait on tenterhooks for M-Familiar, which could be months away, indeed it doesn’t even seem to have a title yet? Or do I wait, buy them both as a unit and read the whole thing in a single sweep?

    Decisions, decisions…

  6. I have a new non spoilery question, what’s with the DJ and the remarkably appropriate music choices heard in the shop? 🙂

    I assume the actual answer is random chance and flavor and they only notice when it IS appropriate. After all it’s been going on for twenty years.

    • Well, it was very interesting that Tay found Lelia just in time to help her deal with a magic problem in Arthur’s shop.

      It was also very interesting that Rich found Mike just in time to prevent Mike’s suicide and just in time for him & Mike to deal with a “magic snake”.

      Random Chance or something else? 😉

    • Part of it is random chance. Partly I’ve noticed that I personally lock onto certain songs on the radio as being special when my personal situation is doing thus-and-such. I chalk it up to my subconscious nudging me to notice. So if Lelia and Arthur are anticipating something, and the DJ cues up, oh, “Lucretia my Reflection” or The Mission (UK)’s “Wasteland” or something, they are more likely to notice.

      And it might be a gentle authorial nudge. Or Authorial.

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