Overheard in the Halls Part 27: Another Episode of As The Pages Turn

Me: [Under my breath] Now what? [Louder] Yes, ma’am?

Sister Scholastica [aka The Dean]: Please remind students about social distancing. Jaunty Junior and Silent Sophomore were holding hands as they walked to class.

Miss Verbum: Oh dear. That’s awkward.

Me: [pinching bridge of my nose] Very awkward.

Sr. Scholastica: Oh?

Me: We both had to change our seating charts because Jaunty Junior has been flirting in class with Joyful Junior.

Teaching trio: Unison Groan.


A trio – socially distanced – are working in the commons during a study break.

Sneaky Senior: So, what are you doing your country project over?

Studious Senior: I think France. It still has a lot of influence in parts of Africa, and that puts it in conflict with China. You?

Sneaky: The Soviet Union.

Studious: That’s pretty— Wait! The USSR isn’t anymore.

Sneaky: Yes. So I don’t have to do the part about “current policies and concerns.”

Junior Jerk: [Looking over top of book] Have you checked that with Mrs. Locus?

Sneaky: No. I’ll just turn it in. [leans back in chair] I’m golden!

Studious and Junior exchange glances and disappear behind computer and book respectively.

Me: [inside my head] Mrs. Locus will know in three . . . two . . .


Brother Vector comes into the main workroom.

Br. Vector: The Second Coming is nigh.

Mr. Long-Slavic-Last-Name: Oh?

Br. Vector: Sleepy Sophomore was early today.

Me: That explains the trumpet sound I heard.

Mr. L-S-L-N: How long has it been?

Br. Vector: Since last academic year. I asked Sr. Botanica. 


Fr. Martial: And please do not inundate the workroom with Mardi Gras cakes at the end of February.

Mrs. Hankie: Has that been a problem?

Fr. Martial: It was when I was assisting the school chaplain near Ft. Polk.

Faculty snickers, then sober silence.


6 thoughts on “Overheard in the Halls Part 27: Another Episode of As The Pages Turn

  1. Camp Swampy! Very glad I never had to go there.

    I’d been thinking about Mardi Gras cake, may finally make one.

  2. Mardi Gras cake is a coffee cake with Big Ideas.

    The king cakes they make in France are all different from American king cakes, and they make them for Epiphany. (“Galette des rois”)

    Amusingly enough, in France, Mardi Gras is a day for donuts and pancakes, just like in Germany and England. Except in France, it’s beignets and crepes, as well as waffles! In New Orleans, every day is a beignet day….

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