Epiphany and Christmas

Because I think we could do with a bit of musical humor to wrap up the Feast of Christmas (Western calendar) and celebrate Christmas (Eastern calendar).

Alas, they left out the verse most often associated with the bass.

“Myrrh is mine/Its bitter perfume/Breathes a life of gathering gloom. Sorrowing, Sighting, Bleeding, Dying/ Sealed in a stone cold tomb.”

4 thoughts on “Epiphany and Christmas

  1. “And myrrh, for one about to die.”
    The undertones of fear and sadness are important counterpoints to the wonder and joy of Christmas.
    But altogether too many people (who should know better!) actively avoid them.

  2. Basses are the only ones who can find those notes without taking a flashlight into the basement. 🙂

    Few people accept that to be Eternal King and High Priest, He first had to become the perfect Sacrifice.

    Wishing all y’all a joyous Christmas and a happy return to ordinary time.

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