Yep, I’m a Nerd . . .

So, on a whim, I entered “Matthias Corvinus” into the search bar on Etsy. A coin appeared, from his reign, now mounted as a pendant.

First thought: Oh wow! St. Ladislas and the Virgin, yes there’s the raven and ring, yes, that’s a lot like what I remember. Perfect!

Second thought: Wow, I wonder how it ended up in Pennsylvania? It must have some fascinating stories to tell. And in such good condition (dates to 1460s-1490s).

Third thought: Alas, yes, the price is what I’d expect. Bummer.


11 thoughts on “Yep, I’m a Nerd . . .

    • Pricey, but well within the range for that condition and coin. I fear old coins are one of those places where your odds of finding a real (metaphorical) steal is very low.

  1. (Boggles- coin and pendant) I had to check; no, other priorities. But … the coincidences are amazing.

    Sounds like the type of business that specializes in unique gifts for upper income and beyond people. Might have been an estate or private sale piece that they purchased.

    It’s perhaps two hours drive from the theorized location of Riverton. In another place, the clan would work through a buyer and cut-outs for this. That, or “Mr. Smith” might be of assistance.

    • Ah, well, what’s intriguing is. . . just this past week I wrote a scene with a very, very similar coin in it. Mounted as a pendant.

      Make of it what you will.

      • Approaching “reach for the whiskey” levels of interaction. Channelling my inner Lawdog, “My paw to Feynman, I had no idea that causality played hopscotch.”

      • May the scene you write bring in enough to buy the pendant in it!

        I know it doesn’t work that way. There may be a reason some of my characters get to wear the things I wished I could…

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