Because RedQuarters Can’t Have a Normal Tree

So, a few shots of the Christmas tree here. We are a bit contrary, in that the Red Family decorates late compared to many, and we leave the tree up until 12th Night.

A Polish straw ram. We have a dozen or so Polish straw ornaments from the Polish heritage center up in Hamtramck. Another Polish arrival, which I got before I learned that I was going to Krakow, was the Wawl dragon.

The bird under the dragon is, well, old enough that it was made in Czechoslovakia. We also have ornaments from East Germany and Romania that cost twenty-five cents for a box of twelve silvered-glass balls.

The dragon, one of two, one red and one black, is Asian. The unicorn comes from the Met Museum. We also have the Met’s reproduction of the unicorn from “The Unicorn in Captivity”, one of the tapestries in the Cloisters branch of the Met. It is . . . large. And heavy.

And a glass pheasant, because why not? I didn’t put any airplanes on the tree this year. I have, um, 22 I think. I’d have to check the number on the latest box. The entire set, however many that is. Dad loaded the tree with old-school ornaments while Mom and I wrestled with the Smithsonian carousel animals*, so most of the odds-and-sods didn’t get on the tree this year.

*If you go back to the first shot, you can see the cat and a few others hanging in the window.

14 thoughts on “Because RedQuarters Can’t Have a Normal Tree

  1. Athena as a Feline of a Certsin Age must have no desire to ascend and play volleyball. ‘We’ll assume this, declare a cat victory, and I’ll return to valuable napping time.’ The ornaments are gorgeous.

  2. Oh, you could have a “normal” tree, you just don’t want one. Which is fine. I mean, look at what society considers “normal” these days. All things considered, I’d rather be crazy.

  3. As for leaving decorations up till 12th night, I once actually had to threaten to take the HOA to court to keep my decoration up part new years day.

  4. Beautiful! And you shame me…sigh… I just stuck my little tree back in the closet for next year… That is also a ‘historic’ tree, with family memories a bunch! Never lose that!

  5. I have laid down the law in my house that all ornaments that are at four feet from the ground or lower must be made of some light, non-breakable material; I’d really rather make it all the ornaments, but my daughter has a ceramic Mickey Mouse she’s particularly fond of, so I reluctantly allowed it to hang on a high and particularly sturdy branch. Pretty much every ornament below the halfway mark on the tree has been struck by a Labrador tail at least once and gone flying across the porch, and I’m almost certain that the four-year-old has been taking them down to play with when I’m not looking.

    • During Gigancat’s tenure, and until Athena T. Cat got old enough, er, attained sufficient dignity, we had a smaller tree on top of a small rolling book-case. We used four pieces of industrial floor tile, cut into trapezoids, to cover the bottom of the tree and block attempts to move from floor to flat-space to tree. It worked fairly well.

  6. Beautiful! And that was always the tradition in my family, too – decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and leave it up until 12th Night, when it MUST come down. I have that battle every year now with my other half who always wants to put the tree up as early as possible and then leave it up as long as he can get away with. Luckily our cat Viole(n)t-la-Tonkinese is now also beyond wanting to play with ornaments while they are on the tree, though anything that ends up on the floor while I am decorating or stripping the tree is likely to be fair game for her!

    Officially due on December 1st, Summer finally arrived this week, but not without reminding us of the Spring storms before it sorted out what it was supposed to be doing. The sun is bright and warm, the sky blue with puffy little white clouds – but there’s still just the least little edge to the breeze to remind us that the weather hasn’t yet made up its mind about staying, and there was snow in the South Island on Christmas Day. We are hoping for a cool, wet summer this year, last year gave us a country-wide drought and water shortage that lasted until late November, so we have been grateful for the spring rains this year.

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