Where I Get it From, Part ??

We did not get to put the Halloween dragon out in the yard this year, for a number of reasons (wind, snow, and construction being the main ones.) MomRed was disappointed.

MomRed: [As we drive past the craft palace] I bet Hobby Lobby sells wreathes we could put around the dragon’s neck to make it Christmassy.

DadRed: [noncommittal sound] You’d need to put up a sign explaining it.

TXRed: Do a footnote, citing the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, The Golden Legend, and the Papyrus Fragment 243 (Alpha) from the Nag Hamadi Scrolls.

MomRed [laughing] I like that!


Chapter 18 has Jesus and the Dragons. (A lot of things from Advent and Christmas that make people go “Huh?” come from Pseudo-Matthew https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0848.htm

And for a seriously off-beat look at Apocryphal and apocryphal stories: https://www.themonastery.org/blog/jesus-the-child-killing-dragon-tamer


15 thoughts on “Where I Get it From, Part ??

  1. Don’t forget, one of the customary readings for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception involves the dragon (from Revelation). That’s cover for at least Dec 8.

  2. Need more coffee before I can make an interesting or humorous comment. 😉

  3. Dragons never require explanation!

    *carefully does not look around house that is scattered with dragons, including at least six stuffed ones not counting her sandbag wyrm*

    • What ever you do, Do Not Ask A Dragon To Explain Himself (or Herself)!

      You might get a Polite Explanation but might get a face full of fire. 👿

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