A Winter Miscellany

L-Familiar is up to 47K words. 5K words yesterday. No, I don’t know when the draft will be finished.

We got snow yesterday, the soft, sifting kind. It felt lighter than a cat’s paw when it brushed my face as I walked yesterday afternoon. Today is wind and cold.

I think it was a sign of how this fall has been when I slept 10 hours per night every night this past week. It’s been just a tiny bit wearing, apparently.

That’s about all I have for you. Have a quiet, restful day!


4 thoughts on “A Winter Miscellany

  1. ’tis the season for fighting off change-of-season bugs. Ten hours of sleep will help.

    I’m convinced that my vulnerability to change-of-season bugs comes from rapid changes in relative humidity inside and out. My nasal membranes cannot adjust mucus and warming independently, at least not over a period of minutes or even hours. Long-term, the two can be balanced, but not short-term.

  2. My shoulder was complaining about tomorrow’s weather on Saturday. Need some extra stretching and probably a hot pack. [Grumbles, just ‘not so young’.] I got the last grass cutting of the year done, 58 deg F!, and got a new and stronger tarp over the wood racks.

    I went back to more tea and broth this year, njc, but added a humidifier. It’s helping with the bugs, so they don’t hit as hard. Only 3-4 days instead of a full week.

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