K-Familiar Update

I finished the first editing pass on K-Familiar, and have three more to go. I hope to have it out the door before the end of the month.

L-Familiar is shaping up.

My muse attacked and I put 2100 words on M-Familiar (now I know how to get Lelia and Arthur home from the castle).

I added a few hundred words on White Gold and Empire, and have a better idea where that one is headed. Good Lord willin’, I’ll get a bunch of writing and edits done this week.

Cover drafts for the print editions have come in. I will go over those and start work on polishing, typo-catches, and formatting the body material so the print editions can start their way through the ‘Zon as well.


5 thoughts on “K-Familiar Update

  1. But I want to know more about N-Familiar, O-Familiar, etc. [Very Very Big Crazy Grin While Flying Away Very Very Fast]

    Seriously, thanks for the update. 😀

  2. Appreciate the update.
    I like all your settings and characters , and look forward to whatever comes out.

    I hope your Muse lets you back to that story you were posting on MGC at some point, it seemed very interesting.

  3. The Kindle to-be-read stack is getting larger, but Familiars are always good for an interrupt. (As are Merchants/Miners/Salary workers 🙂 )

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