Veterans Day, 2020

Veterans’ Day, Armistice Day, the Feast of St. Martin of Tours, Remembrance Day . . . A day set aside to honor those who served in the armed forces (US) or to remember the dead of the wars, especially WWI and WWII (most other places.) The US has Memorial Day for that, despite what the media and pop-culture think.

I’m unusual, compared to most of the population of the country on average, to be surrounded by veterans. Dad, Uncle P, Uncle W, Uncle K, Grandpa Carl, my friends downstate, two of my fellow teachers, four of my former students (all Guard or active duty), and a lot of the men and some women at my place of worship or around town. The small towns in this area send a goodly number of their sons and daughters around the world with the US military, sometimes everyone in the family (not all at once). Not all make a career of it, but there’s a solid Panhandles presence in all the US armed forces.

Fr. Martial, G-d bless him, announced that we might not be able to have an opening convocation or the usual Christmas chapels because of Health Department restrictions, but we are most certainly having a Veterans’ Day presentation, albeit via camera and projector in the classrooms rather than en herd (so to speak) as we usually do.

So, thank you, all who have served in militaries around the world, and especially those of you who served (or are serving, or are in the Reserves and Guard) the United States.

And a little humor . . . Shamelessly stolen from:


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  1. I don’t see the 2LT. Oh, wait, map and GPS. Never mind.

    Wish it was a joke, but I’ve seen that reported as data.

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