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So yes, I know the area of Monday night’s attack like the back of my hand. It’s the old heart of the old Roman part of Vienna, one block from St. Rupert’s Church, on Judengasse and Salzgasse. The specific site where the shooting began, Seitenstettengasse, I have not gone through because it is a (usually) heavily guarded access to the synagogue and Simon Wisenthal’s offices and the Jewish community center, and the nice men with guns don’t really appreciate strangers drifting in and out.

There are a number of very small clubs and neighborhood bars there, many of which put tables on the streets after six PM and are open until midnight or so. It is all pedestrian, and the facades of the houses and buildings run together so there are not a lot of nooks and crannies to hide in, unless you really know the area well. Several of those are blind passages to courtyard gates.

In a way it is good, because the guy was NOT on the Graben or Kaertnerstrasse, the two huge shopping/pedestrian ways with thousands and thousands of people on them. On the other hand, it is the true historic heart of Vienna/Vindobona. The synagogue is over Roman ruins, as is the entire neighborhood.

You are looking straight, from Salzgasse across Salstorstrasse. The street is the original ground level, Roman era.
The view from the Vienna 1 side of the canal, with St. Ruperts. From:

Continue past the church, between it and the modern block one street, cut to your left, and go half a block. That’s the synagogue. Your back is to the Danube Canal.


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  1. I prayed in that synagogue in 2018. It was a nice summer Saturday morning. There were maybe 10 armed policemen stationed outside and I had to be thoroughly interrogated before they let me in. What a world.

    • It’s a very historic synagogue, and the Judenviertel (Jewish Quarter) was in that area originally. Thus Judengasse (Jews’ Alley) along with Salt Alley, Rupert’s Alley, and Marcus Aurelius street.

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