Seasonal Music

A little something for the day . . . and night.

For me, this song will always be about Sommerwende in Innsbruck.

And what is Halloween without a tribute to Walpurgisnacht?

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Music

  1. So, in a different time, in a different universe, Shoshana worked as A Disney animator?

      • Now, that is an interesting thought.

        Walt Disney had a well-deserved reputation as a money-grubber, but he was also an artistic genius, and I get the sense that he had a rather sideways view of the world. Which itself doesn’t seem to be unusual for animators — I mean, the Nine Old Men were kind of sideways themselves at times, while the Silly Symphonies I’ve seen bear a startling resemblance in tone and level of surrealism to “Yellow Submarine.”

        • “Walt Disney had a well-deserved reputation as a money-grubber…” to quote Robin Williams,”There is a reason Mickey Mouse only had three fingers, so he couldn’t pick up the check.”

  2. Another old favorite: Heather Alexander’s “Samhain.”

    … Come Walpurgisnacht and Beltane, well, that’s another playlist. Mendelssohn and Morris tunes, oh my!

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