Recoil Therapy

I went to the range after work on Friday.

And it was very good. (Once I remembered trigger control and kept the finger on said trigger between rounds. So what if it’s been a month since I got to the range?)

First edits on Knowingly Familiar are done, and I need a few beta readers.

Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered. If you don’t get an e-mail from me, know that I really appreciate your offer, and I’ll keep your name on my list for L-Familiar (if you are still interested. That will be after the New Year.)


12 thoughts on “Recoil Therapy

    • Likewise.
      And I will *NOT* be offended if the decision is “This not good match for ox.”
      (Or “Ox clumsy oaf, last time was.. erf.”)

      Will still snag upon official release, either way.

  1. I’m read up on the latest release, and mid freak out. So I’m available and interested. Do I shoot you an email?

    • We’re supposed to get rain and snow. That’s the good news. The lows of 17 F are the not-so-good news, at least for this as-yet-unacclimated soul. 40F yesterday felt cold. By January it will be “shirtsleeves weather.” But this is not January.

  2. Be glad to volunteer for beta reading not for shooting target. [Crazy Grin]

  3. I would be happy to beta read K Familiar for you. How soon do you need comments back?
    Thanks, John

  4. Yay on the good day at the range! And yes, riding the reset KEEPS your finger in the proper position for the next press! 🙂 I’m sure you’ve got enough readers… LOL

  5. I am a professional technical writer/editor and I Iove your work. I would be delighted to be a beta reader if you need anyone.

    • Thank you very much for your offer! I’ve got a full slate, but I will keep your offer in mind for the next round. 🙂

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