All Nipped Out

Athena is enjoying her hangover.

The sock is full of what is probably the last catnip of the season. It’s supposed to be 20F Monday and Tuesday nights. Our first freeze will be a very, very hard freeze.



7 thoughts on “All Nipped Out

  1. Thanks for the reminder – I need to make a fall harvest of what’s left standing. Outdoor cat liked the tribute potted up in the garden for her. Her response was the usual strop-strop-poke of attention … “DUDE! NIP!-NIP!-NIP!” No rodent problems. Now, need more to keep cat relaxed for the winter. Oh, I know that boneless reaction.

  2. Visiting kittehs have done wonderful work at rodent control. We didn’t lose any zucchini to ground squirrels this year. I’ll have to plant some catnip next year to encourage them in their efforts.

    We’ve already had a few hard freezes this season (4350′ in southern Oregon makes it fairly common), but the 14F at the front porch was making the “it’s almost winter” point a bit too hard.

  3. Snerk…out like a light! And yes, getting a ‘tad’ chilly round here too. 30s and possible snow Monday. But then, this IS Texas… LOL

  4. Texas, where the weather changes are bigger and faster than anywhere else? Yep, been in a few. đŸ˜¦

    The late tomatoes are already in a greenhouse type wrapping. We’ve had a couple soft frosts, but have a mild cooling trend forecast over the next couple weeks. I’ve known too many forecasters and modelers, and keep looking for the big grain of salt – there’s a hard freeze possible in there, I just know it.

    • I just found sources for Siletz tomatoes (a big-fruit Oregon hybrid well suited for cool weather). The packet we got last season was 20(!) seeds for a couple of dollars, but I found a few places with reasonable quantities. (250 seeds for $10. Should last 2 or 3 seasons.) Interestingly enough, the Vancouver BC supplier says they cannot ship to the US. Pity; they had the best prices.

  5. We have a similar sleepy girl, an old triple-chocolate tortie;:who is just a snuggle bum.
    We’re a little warmer in the mid-East coast of Florida. We should get down to the mid 70s tonight.
    Had a question about the ethics of magic as set in J Familiar. Early on, as Leila prepares for the duel, Andre tells her not to kill her opponent unless she had to do so.
    When Leila fights the witch and the raven construct, Andre and Tay tell her that she must not kill the witch by magic, or suffer consequences similar to choosing blood path magic.
    Is this because the construct would also die, or am I missing a difference?
    Thanks, John

    • A little of both, but killing with magic shifts both the person and the magic. It’s hard to put into words, exactly, but there’s something . . . not innocent in Lelia, but a softness? A tenderness, different from her maternal tenderness, that will harden if she kills with magic. Tay alludes to it in a conversation with Arthur in K-Familiar. She needs to know the consequences, because there’s no going back once she kills with magic.

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