Apparently it is three per calendar year . . .

not three every 365 days.

The joys of home ownership . . . are rather lacking when major home repairs or appliance replacement kick in. I know The Rule of Threes is a superstition [taps wood] and that humans tend to excel at finding patterns where none exist. So perhaps that’s why I thought to myself “roof makes three, we’re done for a while!” Alas, the Fickle Finger of Fate went “flick!” at Fortuna’s wheel and so Redquarters is getting yet another major plumbing repair.

It started with “we really need to get the end of the house leveled or we won’t be able to use the fire-escape door.” We’ve been watering that end of the house for a while (h/t Matt G for the idea) but the time had come. The leveling guy came and Dad casually observed that some more tiles in the utility room seemed to be heaving. Foundation dude: Sir, that’s more of a plumbing leak. It was, and it required excavating under both slabs to get to the busted pipe. Then they can level the secondary slab, and put the dirt back, and so on.

At least it will only take out the cooking and laundry end of the house for three or four days. We can still flush and shower. I can deal with paper plates and using the local laundromat. Flushing is a necessity. (The two ends of the house are two separate water and outflow systems. I’ll spare you the gory details of why this came about. Suffice to say, it’s been a blessing over the years.)

RedQuarters is starting to remind me of “grear-grandfather’s ax.” It’s had two heads and four handles, “but it’s the original ax!”


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  1. Yikes! Me no like buried plumbing in houses. OTOH, exposed can be interesting, too. We had an adapter for the dishwasher* feed line crack, and never noticed anything wrong until the new floor started lifting near the sink. I finally took a hard look at the cabinet under the sink, and we were doomed. In trouble, anyway. 🙂

    Protip: Belfor Restoration is *very* good at their job, and we already had connections with the cabinet maker. (He had done a new island for us a few months previously, and that did not get destroyed, unlike half the base cabinets in the kitchen. Living with industrial grade dehumidifiers and the attendant air handlers does not make for restful sleep. Insurance paid for the cabinets that got trashed, and we upgraded most of the rest to match. Mercifully, the cabinet guy had more of the same countertop material, so we had a match for the island.

    The cause was a cracked** dishwasher feed adapter. Pinhole leak, and it sprayed in such a way we didn’t catch it until it was far too late. OTOH, when the replacement failed a year later (after the fun and games), we caught it right away. We now have leak detectors for the sink area and one for the new water heater. (Replaced before the old one failed. Murphy got foiled!)

    (*) Dishwasher problems are the main reason why kitchens need to be fixed, sayeth the cabinet maker.

    (**) New brass fixtures are made without lead. (Thank you Europe and California.) This makes them quite unforgiving in assembly. I installed the first one, the pro installed the second and third. The last one is still working. Leak detectors can (maybe) be had at Home Depot. About $12 each, the last I bought. They respond to puddles on surfaces.

  2. Hey, even with upgraded frame, new cover, upgraded engine, bushwheels and extended landing gear, new climb prop to match the engine, and a decent panel upgrade…
    That supercub has the same data plate!
    ..unless it got a commemorative Alaska Airman’s Association data plate.

    But it’s the same plane!

  3. Ditto – I’m having new siding on Chez Hayes this week, and new windows in a couple of months…
    And we got on this house reno kick earlier this year when I got a nice glass doorknob from Amazon Vine, and it looked so nice that I simply had to replace the bedroom door … and then the other five doors in the hallway. And build a built-in bookshelf in the hall, and jazz up the ceiling, and put in new flooring…

  4. If you think you will need a major appliance soon, get in line now. My buddy needed a new fridge and found out there is no stock available in the US right now. He checked Home Depot and some other dealers. Deliveries of new fridges and other appliances will take a couple or three months. Apparently the response to covid has played havoc with getting the resources just to assemble appliances, and also with the assembly plants themselves. He was able to buy a floor model that was only a year old from a nearby dealer to meet his immediate needs.

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