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    • We’re not permitted to take extra days off if there’s a three-day weekend, and we didn’t even know we’d get Columbus Day off until two weeks ago. We worked Labor Day, and we’re working the week of Thanksgiving (Mon-Wed).

  1. Side note, then. We were c as mping for a few days, and I brought “Lost Kingdom” to begin reading. Fascinating, with some links I hadn’t realized.

    We drove around the local area looking for cellular connections- it’s that unpopulated an area in NE PA. What do we find in the next hamlet?

    St Vladimir’s Orrhodox Church
    SS. Peter and Paul  Byzantine Catholic Church
    Church cemeteries with Russian and Ukranian spellings, but not Cyrillic.

    I had just finished the book’s introduction and reference to St. Vladimir. I had this sudden urge to look for Tatars or Lithuanian knights coming through the forest.

  2. I just found out that we have noon church bells rung (as opposed to ringing the Angelus at 9, 12, and 3 PM), because Pope Callixtus III wanted people to remember to pray for the folks defending Belgrade against the Turks besieging it — John Hunyadi et al. So crud, I’ve been supposed to be praying for any and all crusaders at noon every day!

    Arrrrrgh. Almost never learned anything useful in school, I swear….

    OTOH, interesting timing in re: the Reconquista and a Spanish pope.

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