Feral Helianthus

The wild sunflowers are creeping farther and farther from their point of origin. They started in a bar-ditch on the county black top. They’ve now crossed the road, easing into the edge of the playa plants. A few more grace the low spot at the bend in the road, and one determined plant is standing proudly in a low spot near access to the wheat field near the school.


8 thoughts on “Feral Helianthus

    • There are a large number to choose from, although I think the flying rats (pigeons/ rock doves) get a pass this time. I have not seen that many red-winged blackbirds yet this year, but they might have scattered a few seeds last year.

  1. Rather have them than the buckthorn (Rhombus cathartic ) that’s so common and invasive around here.

  2. Luke – I *hope* they used all that radiation in making Austin weird.

    TX Red, I got lucky this summer, got good telephoto pics of redwing blackbirds (M and F) at a local lake, marsh area. They’ll carry large seeds a lot of places.

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