No Fair!

Literally, there is no fair in Texas this year. Not the Tri-State Fair, not the State Fair, nada. They are having the livestock shows up here, for the 4-H and other kids, but that’s it. No rodeo, no midway, no concerts, no deep-fried-thing-on-a-stick. No inspecting home-canned goods, or Produce of Unusual Size, or quilts. No chocolate-covered-strawberries-on-a-stick (oh, those were gooooood.)

I am having uncharitable thoughts. No German-style nuts. No bacon-wrapped-whatever with funnel-cake as a chaser. No hitting the Tupperware™ clearance booth. No watching kids getting run over by their show pigs, no team roping or tractor pulls. Grrrrrr.

The argument was that it would be too hard to ensure social distancing. I sense the fine hand of lawyers, arguing that whoever sponsors the fairs would be liable for the hospital bills et cetera of people who got sick, if they got sick within 14 days of visiting the fair. The various public health departments also weighed in, I’m sure.

I’ve been trying to avoid current events on the blog, so I won’t launch into the on-going argument about cases of X versus hospitalizations for X. I’ll just say that I’m peeved at missing the fair, among other events. This entire year has been one off-kilter headache as far as my non-writing life is concerned.

No, I still have not figured out why the other computer wants two adapters in order to talk to the back-up drive. It just started that trick after the latest . . . OS . . . update.

[Glowers towards Cuppertino]

14 thoughts on “No Fair!

  1. Got some bruises from pig hooves – ‘recruited’ to help the FFA kids, for several years. Takes a bunch of kids and adults with herding boards to move ’em from trailer to weigh-in/marking to pen. All boards closed up like a phalanx to prevent ‘runners’, so no social distancing.

    Someone just wants to suck the fun out of everything, especially the bacon-wrapped goodies. Oh, [REDACT].

  2. No craft fairs and sales. no book events like the Giddings Word Wrangler. No Fiesta, either.
    The PTB just want to suck the fun and joy out of everything.
    At least, Christmas on the Square in Goliad is still on, so we do have that.

  3. Same up here. There are a few “fairs” that are still on officially on, but they’ve become what you described: livestock shows with no live audience. It was particularly tough on some friends of ours whose daughter is just old enough that she’s become obsessed with farm animals. She would have been the perfect age to walk through the barns and exclaim at every sheep and goat she saw.

  4. I’d really been looking forward to proper county fairs; the ones around Silicon Valley have gotten incredibly lame. Alas, no sooner did we move out here than 2020 happened.
    Ah, well. Next year… so many things put off until next year!

  5. Right, In my neck of the woods they canceled the Topsfield fair ( which has been in basically continuous operation at the same fair grounds since 1818. It has been canceled twice. Once in 1918 for the Spanish Influenza and the second time from 1943-1945 during WWII. Normally I’m rather blase about it now that my girls are adults. But this year I feel a twinge over no Giant pumpkin contest, no fried dough, No Rabbits, Chickens or cavy prizes. This year must be a nightmare for the carnival groups that travel fair to fair providing food and midways. Also a nightmare for some of the local churches and charities who have food booths to provide income.

  6. ,,, And the view from the other side of the world…

    Just deal with it – here in Auckland we are just coming out of our second round of lock-down and hoping nobody else is stupid enough to *not* self-isolate/check with their doctor when they are showing flu symptoms. The last cluster was directly traceable to a family who insisted on going on with “normal” life despite being obviously and seriously ill. Dad worked in a large distribution warehouse, mum in a large inner city office so go figure how fast those vectors spread – including via the congregation of the church they both belonged to, and helped by daughter and boyfriend who went on a weekend junket to Rotorua, also despite being obviously ill.

    The resulting Rotorua cluster was quickly contained, but Auckland blew up really fast and resulted in a city-wide L3 lock-down, with all traffic north and south into and out of the city stopped for the duration of L3 status. Both our next door neighbours (and we are on the other side of the city to the outbreak) were in quarantine for 14 days because they worked at the same premises as mum. So was my boss and his family, because he and his wife were at a band practice with another contact. Result: several schools and churches closed again while the outbreak was in progress, all gatherings > 10 people cancelled, offices closed, 2m social distancing and masks required at all times in confined public spaces. So there were a lot of not-very-happy people in Auckland because someone either didn’t know or didn’t care enough to be careful when they got “a touch of flu”.

    We’ve dropped to L2 again now, but Matakohe Kauri Museum, which was due to hold a “live” day next weekend, has just cancelled because it’s just too difficult to manage numbers in an enclosed space and enforce mask-wearing on both the exhibitors and visitors. Auckland Highland Games has also cancelled because it’s just too difficult to plan a large-scale public event under current conditions and can’t take the loss if the “gate” is down. The A&P Show season is about to kick off, and who knows just yet what will happen about that – the shows this side of Christmas will probably either cancel or be exhibitors-only, depending on whether they can take the financial hit, but we can hope the late summer shows may go ahead after Christmas. The Hunt clubs have very cautiously re-started their summer program with members-only events, careful social distancing and contact tracing.

    In the meantime, Auckland is still at L2 and hoping to drop to L1 sometime next week. And oh, yes – masks are THE latest fashion accessory.

    Stay safe – be cautious, and don’t worry too much about missing out on the popcorn.

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