Sunday Flowers

My brain is tired. The past week was so “interesting” that mid-week, Fr. Martial and the Trustees opened the chocolate locker. So here are some flowers from back in the late spring. Right now, it’s been so hot that we made shade-tents and awnings to put over some of the roses.

A Columbine.

Most of these are either pure yellow (the dominant color) or the more famous blue and white. RedQuarters just has to be different.

Poor Ketchup-and-Mustard is currently under a tent, and despite my best efforts got stripped by crickets or grasshoppers. It has been sprayed with anti-bug stuff and seems to be recovering, but this makes three years in a row that the [censored] bugs have eaten all the leaves off.

Because one needs a sun-hat sufficient for the Texas sun!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers

  1. Reminds me that I have lettuce to plant, but it’ll be screened by herbs or squash vines.

    A couple teacher I know have started back, and chocolate locker sounded right. I think they wanted the key for the Dire Emergency locker, containing the blue and brown Curacao (chocolate flavored liqueur).

    • Can I ever believe it.

      We’re pretty home-bound, for homeschoolers, and even my kids are bouncing off the walls. Usually we’d do at least one outing a week, now I can’t even take them one at a time to the grocery shopping.

      For school, where the kids are FINALLY seeing other kids after the longest htey’ve been isolated since kindergarten? I can’t even imagine.

  2. I don’t believe it’s possible to wear a hat sufficient for the Texas sun.
    It would need pillars to hold it up and a ceiling fan inside. At least.

    • It would need that if a non-Texan wore it, but heads are bigger in Texas.

      *Grins, ducks, and runs away!*

  3. I envy your ability to grow stuff. ‘I’ have a black thumb… Sigh… Managed to kill a cactus!

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