Aaaand it’s a wrap

The draft of K-Familiar is done. I’ll start going through J-Familiar this week, and talk to some alpha readers about their schedules to look it over.

9 thoughts on “Aaaand it’s a wrap

  1. Great. Looking forward to reading THEM. ALL of them !!
    I am amazed at your skill, artistry, and productivity.
    Thanks. John

  2. If you wish ox to look over something, ox will.

    If you decide it better, for ANY reason (or no reason at all, even) ox NOT look over something, ox not be offended.

    Ox know ox slow in many ways.

    Ox still like *-Familiar.

    Yes, especially Joseph… (which/whom ox had NOTHING to do with, far as ox know).

    Also: moo.

  3. Love Magda and Joseph! Ahem. Really loved Rosie – more of her please? along with Andre, Lelia and Family.

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