Athena Says . . .

That’s why they were called the Dark Ages.

I have no idea about her religious feelings, although she certainly believes that I need to be up before dawn doing Good Works like feeding housecats.

She has also returned to that most dangerous of nighttime locations . . . the toilet mat. Yes, alas, Occupy Toilet Mat has resumed.

If the light is off, she is . . . invisible. And loud when trod upon.

Ah, summer.


10 thoughts on “Athena Says . . .

  1. Of course, then there are Beagles who decide that their human doesn’t need sleep so gets their human up just when he’s about to fall asleep. [Need More Coffee]

  2. The Border Collie likes to take over the second bathroom and wraps herself around the toilet. It’s relatively cool when the house is hot. If we need *that* bathroom, she can be evicted, but that garners The Look.

    If she forgot to pee just before bedtime (and if I don’t strongly encourage her), she’ll go around our bed at inconvenient hours and lick any human body parts close enough to reach. Not a thrill at 2AM, and good motivation to remind her to do everything necessary for bedtime prep. In winter, when we don’t have the comforter at the foot of the bed, she can get up and join us. *Very* strong incentive to have her ready at bedtime.

    • Ah yes “The Look.” We used to have a Peke that was a master of “The Look,” especially when he thought he was being ignored or rousted out of his favorite, at that moment. space.

  3. I had a cat who thought the bathroom sink was the Best Spot Ever when the weather was hot. Cool porcelain, and up off the floor so she could survey her domain.

    • Rowen the Strange (he had crossed mental wiring due to inbreeding) would do that. And then just lick the water that you ran onto him to try and get him to relocate.

  4. Since you’re not using the bathroom mat for YOUR feet anyway, you could try rotating it 90 degrees, and maybe have room for your feet while ensconced on the throne.

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