Brain Tired

I finished the draft of Familiar Vows. It is six stories, including the title story. I’m at 50K words on J. Familiar. I also had a video-conference related to a sub-section of Day Job, voted, and am too tired to write a blog post.

I’m currently reading the autobiography of a Brit who became a US Marine (Andrew Milburn When the Tempest Gathers). It reads a lot like John Masters’ writing, if you are familiar with him. Especially the self-deprecating understatement. “I said, ‘Call so-and-so, and so-and-so. I have an idea.’ And the corporal said, ‘Oh [excrement].’ ” The author was a first lieutenant at the time. I’m laughing in the wrong places.


14 thoughts on “Brain Tired

  1. Thanks for the book suggestion!!! Needed something to read until your next book comes out!

  2. If we’re laughing in all the wrong places, then we know the graveyard humor involved. It could have been A Major With An Excellent Study (don’t want to recall those details).

    The short story collections are great samplers, always a treat.

  3. If anyone here is interested in a (slightly) more recent battle memoir, check out David Bellavia’s =House to House=. He had an excellent co-author who managed tension and release like a symphony.

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