Friday News

Intensely Familiar is now available.

All is not well when André returns to the US after a six-month deployment. His wife needs help, he’s exhausted, and something strange stalks the mages of Riverton. Something that seems to know a little too much about some of the magic workers and their habits . . .

Author Note: This is a darker book than earlier volumes in this series (I know, I know). I chose to leave it that way. The next two volumes are lighter.


19 thoughts on “Friday News

  1. Good timing. I’m in the last chapter of The Pursuit of the Pankera (interesting book, but IMHO, it would not have been successful–ie, popular–unless it were released with tNotB), so I’ll be ready for Familiar reading shortly.

    (Remembers to look up camel spiders. Urggh.)


  2. We’re served a couple of dark chocolate and fudge brownies, which are great, but will be ready for some lighter servings. You do a great mixture of “desserts” for relaxing reading. Thank you for not including Spiders of Unusual Size, at least so far (double urggh).

  3. Dark Start, Happy Ending. That’s always nice.

    I didn’t guess who the “Scarred Woman” was but good choice. 😀

  4. Bought it. Great read. Yes, “darker” in that the physical and emotional storms are more intense, but with a lot of meat on the bones of the story.
    Thanks. John

  5. A thought on the darkness: You’ve got readers invested in Lelia and her crew. So long as you do not make her story a mockery, a travesty, or pointless suffering without end, people will hang in there with her.

    As always, one opinion.

  6. My wallet groans pitiably, but I thank you. Just started the book, and that is an INTENSE start, alright. I strongly sympathize with how André must feel. I look forward to the rest of the book, but the start was too powerful not to comment on. It gave me chills already, which is quite possibly a record for any work. Also, I agree with the previous posters about readers, myself included, being strongly invested in Lelia and André, to the point that I/we will continue reading through thick and thin for them.

  7. Finished, posted review. That opening got even more intense than I had thought. Ma’am, my hat is off to you for a truly stellar tale. The darkness felt real, and it was truly satisfying to see a certain individual meet an overdue reckoning at long last.

  8. The book is really, really good. I cried at several points during the book,especially at the ending, but I agree with suburban banshee that there ought to be some sort of Familiar usable emergency communications. I am trying not to give anything away but I am seriously annoyed that the other magic users allowed the beginning of the book to happen. Someone should have checked on her.

    • Fridge logic says FamiliarNet, but Tay might have been too messed up by that point. And Lelia might have been a ‘waste away’ emotional wreck. Maybe the illness that almost killed her saved her from the drugs?

      However it’s sliced, I suspect the Familiars and the magical community will pay more attention to each other. And that may save them in the future.

      • I suspect that Arthur’s Clan will expect him to keep a close eye on Lelia’s well-being. 😉

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