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Ah, true love, magical bombs, “philosophical disagreements” over the age of canned goods, and his-and-hers makeup boxes. The courtship continues as André discovers why humidity is not his friend. Lelia realizes that her true love doesn’t share her grocery shopping philosophy. They do agree, however, that attacking their friends is not to be tolerated.

And that “for Familiar, for worse” needs to be in the wedding vows, no matter what Tay and Rodney claim.

Horribly Familiar is now available on Amazon.


34 thoughts on “Tuesday News

  1. Unfortunately no sign of it in Amazon .co.uk yet, do you know when it will be available?

    • No. They seem to either be 24-36 hours ahead, or 24-36 hours behind. Given how Amazon.com has been lagging, a two to three day delay wouldn’t surprise me, alas.

  2. Purchased, about a third of the way in. Intriguing mysteries and good story.

    I disagree with Rodney. I’ve seen the afternoon air in Phoenix in mid-July. You don’t cut it with a knife, because the metal was already too hot at mid-morning.

    • I am reminded of Twain’s quip about India (re)defining hot so as to be able to distinguish between weather that would melt a brass doorknob and weather that would only soften such.

  3. That does sound like Phoenix…we are hitting 60 degrees F at night, and by 10AM, almost 90.

  4. Purchased. We have a forecast of 76F this afternoon, though we’ll get near 90 later in the week. High, arid country weather gets interesting. The last hard freeze was last week. (27F in the morning.)

  5. I’ve got via KU but will purchase it after/on the 3rd.

    Oh, I keep wondering what is it with Arthur avoiding Prof. Van Den Heuvel?

    Is it a clan thing or something more personal? 😉

    • There’s lots of nice open questions if you just look for one. A non magical question/request: Lelia is going to wear the wedding dress at the big wedding, right? Assuming that there won’t be a monster-magic disruption right at the start (and I wouldn’t want to get between Lelia and the evil magic-user who ruins Eddie’s masterwork) could we have a glorious description of bride and groom and rainment, in setting?

    • Yeah, having experience wet cold and dry cold, I prefer dry cold. Having experieced wet heat and dry heat, I, like Andre, become a puddle of heat exhaustion at 80% humidity and 90+ degrees.

      Tiny Town Texas isn’t as dry a heat as Phoenix, but it’s a whole lot easier than east of the Mississippi!

      • Agree with you on the wet cold vs. dry cold as well as the wet heat vs dry heat. I will; however, add a caveat. Having lived in Phoenix for a few years, when it’s 115 in the shade, and your shirt is thoroughly soaked with sweat, there is no such thing as “dry” heat. That said, having lived in both suburban Philadelphia and Phoenix, if that’s my only choice, I’ll take Phoenix.

  6. Yay! I’m reading it, of course. (And the only thing wrong with fennel is that it is too delicious. Seeds, bulbs, little fuzzy fennel tops….)

    You can also offload any licorice or anise surpluses on me.

  7. Arthur’s passage through the still bead-curtain remind me of a Bram Stoker vampire passing through the crack around a door.

  8. Bought it and am still up reading it. Love the book and the series.
    Will review it later tonight.

  9. Bought it, read it, loved it, wrote review. A truly outstanding addition to the series, and as one who has recently been in a position similar to Andre’s at the end, I found the ending masterfully accomplished. Definitely looking forward to more, and to finding out more about the buckle.

  10. Lived it. Picked up in KU so I could read it right away. Now have permanently.

  11. And I really wish this series was available in paperback too – the battery never runs down on a paperback…

    • I’m looking at budget numbers and considering a set of paperback, combined editions. The covers are the expensive part, and I’d probably batch things (Books 1nad 2, 3 and 4, and so on). The problem is that paper has yet to pay for itself. That may change.

  12. I know it’s a bit late for proof-reading comments, but I couldn’t help noticing that Fred is missing from the list of ferrets in chapter 2 of Horribly Familiar. Sorry, I’m afraid I am not familiar with courtesy protocols regarding minor issues like this.

    • Fred, most people send me an e-mail at the address on the “About” page. Comments on snippets get posted on the appropriate snippet.

  13. Understood. Thank you. I’m sorry for posting that publicly. I don’t know why I never noticed the “About” page.

    • No problem. 🙂 It’s usually easier to use the e-mail, especially if you find several typos, or a formatting problem.

      I think that page has gotten crowded out by the other pate tabs.

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