Flower Power?

So, back before the snows of Monday-Wednesday (two inches, 0.20″ water), I was prowling the gardens, looking for aphids to spray (they overwintered too well), grass to pull out of the flowerbeds, and checking on new plants. Lovely rain storms were billowing up – to the south. And going east.

Bye-bye rain.

One thing that always amuses me is how columbine (aquilegia) meander. Not just the ones that start as one plant and turn into yards-o-plants thanks to the birds and critters scattering the seeds, but you plant them in one place and they appear on the other side of the flower bed the next year.

This flower, some you may recall, is the size of a half-dollar. It is a miniature columbine. No, I don’t remember where I found the plant or what the name is.

A rose is a rose, yes?

Note blogger’s finger for scale.

This miniature rose is in the same flowerbed as the columbine. Since the rose is small, all the other plants are also small, to keep scale. Yes, the bed is small, about three feet across.

The columbine at the edge of the flowerbed. It survived, as did the other plants, as best I can tell. The big butterfly bush might not have made it, but it is 7 years old. They are supposed to last one season, so I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of it.

One more hard freeze is predicted for this week. Then we’ll see what happens. We can get snow and killing freezes as late as May, and this might be one of those years. I hope not.



6 thoughts on “Flower Power?

    • I’ve been looking at the flowerbed, and realizing I can’t identify Midwestern weeds.
      Or most of the wildflowers that we had growing there last year.
      I’m more than half-tempted to say “screw it”, and plant tomatoes

    • I don’t recall which miniature it is. There are over a dozen around RedQuarters, ranging from grocery-store rescues (they were so small and pathetic that I had to bring four home) to Copper Penny, which is over 30 years old and still hanging in there. We have over 50 full-size roses, some of them are 40 years old.

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