Because I Couldn’t Resist . . .

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To go with . . .

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13 thoughts on “Because I Couldn’t Resist . . .

  1. It’s a VERY good thing that I finished the mug first, although coffee kind of vanishes when sprayed on a gray cat. The fan art and tie-in would be hysterical.

    The set isn’t complete without Just Before MNT, which has about 5% indigo blended with 3AM Black Cat Coal Dust. Astronomer goths love it. 🙂

  2. Yeah, need several violet/purple/indigo shades. Black in gloss, semigloss, flat, and dust finishes, as well as versions with silver dust and flake.

  3. But it doesn’t have the blue-blacks and the green-blacks, and the indigo-blacks… none of which look much different in a closet, but oh, can everybody tell in the sunlight when I mismatch my blacks!

    • “No, I have to wear this skirt with that top.”


      “Because they’re from the same batch and have faded together.”

      Stage-lights tell all, including which choristers didn’t really look at “black” and “black.” Ditto orchestra members. There’s one violinist with a black tailcoat and green-black tux pants and they bug the heck out of me. #chorusworldproblems

      • Good reminder, I need to look at the black trousers under daylight and interior lighting to confirm both pairs are still black-black. I’ve had black and navy fade and give a slightly rusty look under certain lights. Ick.

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