Well, that seems . . . Familiar

The winter of Lelia’s (and André’s) discontent. Just once, a quiet few weeks would be nice, without were-whatevers, gates, irate customers, fouled-up orders, and things that go “Hey, baby, what’s your sign?” in the night.

Magic fixes magic problems. The rest of life? That’s the hard part.


26 thoughts on “Well, that seems . . . Familiar

  1. An not-quite expected surprise on a dreary morning. Thank you.

    Already one good laugh into the first story. Ahhh … Branch, the minor demon of extraordinary cunning and even more abyssal stupidity. It will tie itself in knots first, in order to tie you up as well. From another look, a co-worker received a very unwelcome call from Branch with reactivation off the retired list, then at his polite decline, reminded him of their ability to do involuntary recall until age 65, and a different billet … way over there.

    • You’re welcome! I’ve learned some colorful combinations of invective that derive from phrases like, “The needs of the Army,” and “stop-loss.”

  2. Maggie does grammar, eh? And both Lelia and Andre come into possession of Old Things of Great Value … . Hmm, lots of iiinteresssting ways for tingz to go, as Lelia’s power develops.

  3. Ah! A great relief from computer mishaps. (Bad power supply on one, but I have a near-clone in the shop. Set up that, prepared to copy the backup and managed to wipe the backup disc. Protip: don’t do anything complicated when dealing with such, particularly Before Coffee.) The good news is that the computers are quite similar, so putting the home hard drive in the other computer got things going. Now, I’m setting up two separate backup systems. One daily, another monthly.

    Blessed are the pessimists; for they have made backups. Also, bless the Department of Redundancy Department.

    Familiars on the Kindle. Thanks!

  4. Thanks. Bought it and loved it. Glad that there will be (many, I hope) more to come.
    Left review on Kindle, limited to twenty words, dammit.
    Be safe, happy, and productive.
    (I haven’t accomllished the 3rd yet)

  5. Also some tantalizing hints about a future character! I hope he’s not got that name (in infamous french) for being a cardinal. You wouldn’t do that … but Tay might.

  6. With Arthur’s age catching up with him, I’m wondering if Lelia is going to have the joy of job hunting or the joy of small business owner. 😉

    Of course, I could be wrong and I also doubt that Alma will confirm or deny my suspicions. 😀

    • I was thinking along the same lines, especially since we see Lelia learning more and more about the business. But I don’t think Arthur will retire out of age alone.

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