Book Review: The Heart’s Enchantment

Sanderson, Cedar et al. The Heart’s Enchantment J. F. Posthumus ed. A short story collection, Kindle e-book.

I needed a total brain break. Short fiction sounded good, and I never read romance, so this would be different. I know of several of the authors in the list, so I decided what the heck.

Short version: Good book, I liked some stories better than others, a few were a touch steamy for my taste, but all are well written.

This is a collection of fantasy romance stories. So they all have love in them, or lust. Some include sword and sorcery, some feature non-western fantasy elements (Sanderson’s “Domovoi’s Blessing” is a riff on Russian fairy tales), some incline toward Middle Eastern lore.

The twelve stories range from relatively sweet romance (kissing and hugging, nothing more) to somewhat explicit. I’m not a fan of the explicit scenes, but skimmed around them. The writing is uniformly good, even in the stories that were not to my taste.

If you want a series of fun, escapist reads that explore love (and lust) in its various forms, this is a great collection. My compliments to the editor for pulling together good writers. If you do not care for explicit steam, be prepared to skip pages in some of the stories.

FTC Note: I purchased this for my own use and received no remuneration from the editor or publisher for this review.


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