Either My Truck Was Attacked

by a maniacal baker hurling poppy seeds all over the landscape, or the trees are doing the birds and the bees.

We got half an inch of rain last night (yeah!!!! [happy dance]), most of which fell slowly over 5-6 hours. A million-dollar rain, in other words.  Wind followed as the low pressure system passed. So everything was nice and moist. Slightly tacky. And so my vehicle got attacked by . . . the Pollinator.

We’ve gone from “too cold to open the windows” to “too pollen-rich to open the windows.” Ah, spring!

And there’s a new tree, in a bucket, in the back yard.

Me: Dad, what’s that?

Dad: A Texas chaste tree.

Mom [grumbling stuffily from behind Wall Street Journal]: It’s the only chaste tree in the Panhandle right now. Sniff.

And people wonder where I get it from . . .

Source of Image: Nature Hills Nursery.


9 thoughts on “Either My Truck Was Attacked

  1. Like 😀

    Oh, since our host hasn’t posted about it, I want to say that Furiously Familiar is available and is very good. 😉

  2. Hurray for the Official Link, hopefully he won’t try flagging Tay for ill-lemur procedure.

    The rains and sudden temperature rise here also explain the runny nose. Pollen Season, where we’re the game.

  3. I hope I didn’t cough too obnoxiously over the phone! ‘Tis the season where, even with medication, I prefer to type in text instead of making people listen to coughing, sniffling, and sneezing as unwanted punctuation…

    • No worries. People are “sneaking” tissue boxes out of the office supply closet faster than politicians sneak votes into the ballot box.

    • I’m getting the post-nasal drip and the attendant cough. We have one Corona-chan victim in the county already, but I don’t want to be misidentified as patient #2. High country they said, hardly any pollen, they said. They didn’t mention the occasional mold, waiting for the warm days as the ground thaws. (Looking forward to the yellow-green, formerly white vehicles when Ponderosa pines hold forth. Er, not really.)

      • I had the dubious privilege of being in the Atlanta area when it set the all-time (still unbroken) high pollen count. We swept drifts of yellow off of the porches, and my white car turned yellow and stayed that way. It got so bad it triggered my dust allergies.

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