10 thoughts on “No Post Prepared

  1. Snow AND dust, both going sideways? No thank you! Either one by itself is bad, from my experience.

    Still licking the iced cowlee-cream from the last Shikhari book. Delicious 🙂

    • In Deepest Oregon, we’ll get sideways snow or sideways dust, but not both together. My only experience with Texas panhandle nastiness was glare ice one January morning…

  2. One of the ever-dwindling advantages of living on the coast. Snow should fall and stay where it lands until shovelled, plowed, or melted.

    Keep warm!

  3. sideways snow-and-dust blends are not to be recommended

    Ahhh!!! A good old West Texas mudstorm……….

    Many many years ago in the early 1970’s when I was in high school, we went to school on a bright sunny calm mid March morning. Only those of us whop watched the weather forecast the night before took a jacket, because it was a nice 63F that morning, though muggy. By 9 AM you could see a black band on the NW horizon. By 10, the dust storm had arrived, by 10:30 it was raining mud, and by 11 it was snowing mud. By the time school let out at 3, there was 3 inches of snow on the ground and for those who did not bring a jacket, it was a long cold bus ride home (as it was for those of us guys who let a girl have our jacket)…..

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