There Can Be Only One!

One laptop, that is. Athena T. Cat does not, I repeat not, like it when I have an art book, large textbook, or computer in my lap. As you can tell by the look she’s giving me.


9 thoughts on “There Can Be Only One!

  1. I was getting the same look a couple minutes ago, something about ONLY use laptops running CatNip 3.3 or newer. Then the strop and push started.

  2. And here I thought you were going to give us a snippet concerning two familiars in one household and which familiar was going to be “top critter”. đŸ˜€

    • Would Rodney appear in a solid purple cape and collar, a la Sean Connery in “Highlander”? Only actor or Familiar with enough panache to carry off the look.

  3. I am reminded of a line from a first-season NCIS episode: “Cats only have one expression.”

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