Days of Our Lockers: Valentine’s Version

A cluster of male students were not-lurking at the end of a cross hall that has some study carrels and tables in it. I had stopped in the main hall to move some fallen locker decorations out of the traffic lane.

Serious Sophomore: Really?

Jaunty Junior: Oh yeah! And not only did it only cost two dollars, but it’s not real silver, so she won’t have to polish it.

Stunned Senior: Dude! Don’t say that out loud.

J. Jr.: Why? What’s wrong?

I’m struggling to remain invisible and silent as the guys inform our hero why one does not brag about such things, especially when girls might be near. I managed to contain my laughter until I snuck past the cross-hall and got to the main workroom, where the copier and conversation sounds drowned out my guffaws.

10 thoughts on “Days of Our Lockers: Valentine’s Version

  1. The high school version of “hey, y’all watch this”. Oh, this won’t end well. I burst out laughing after starting the Jaunty Junior line.

    Will the next “Overheard in the Halls” include a hospital announcement?

  2. You ought to have enough of these for a short monograph with an impressive-sounding paragraph-long title, written in the style of 1940s-1960s social sciences papers, complete with footnotes that take a couple of inches at the bottom of each page and a couple pages of references at the end of each chapter.

    Done properly, it would be ROFL-hiccups funny to anyone who actually had to grind through one of the real monographs…

    • I have decided to wait for a while before doing anything with these. Statute of limitations, waiting for some retirements, et cetera. And yes, publishing them as “Episodic behaviorial analyses of adolescents in proto-learning modalities,” or whatever the latest edu-canto is would be a hoot.

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