Piddlin’ Around

It is a colloquial term for doing things that might or might not need to be done, but that are small. Repainting the living room is not piddlin’ around. Pulling random weeds out of the garden as you walk past, then checking the bird bath, adding water to bird bath, then tying up a rambling rose that has rambled a bit much . . . that’s piddlin’ around.

We had a snow day recently. It started as a two hour delay, and apparently when the Powers That Be went out in the morning, they discovered that it was really, really slick. So no school. I napped in with multiple rounds of “pet the cat.” Then worked on the blog, tidied the closet, cruised several other blogs, and shoveled. Next came an errand, starting on my taxes, writing, paid some bills, tidied up after the cat, and then poking around in the ‘fridge (found a new form of life in the veggie crisper). Then I read some, and read more.

That was piddlin’ around.

3 thoughts on “Piddlin’ Around

    • I’ve found that if I start “just piddlin’ around” I often end up doing things like, if not repainting the living room, at least vacuuming the house. Once I start working, it’s a hard habit to break…

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