Called to the Council is Live

Return once more to the world of Shikhari and the adventures of Auriga “Rigi” Bernardi, Martinus, and friends!

Trouble simmers on Shikhari. Tension among the Staré spills into the human world, and a change in human leadership signals possibilities good or dire. When a hunting trip becomes a running battle, Rigi finds herself pulled into a Game. A Game she dare not lose.

Wife, Mother—Huntress, Wise. Rigi and her allies must tread warily. If only to avoid misplaced stuffed animals, and wildlife that doesn’t know when to stay away.


7 thoughts on “Called to the Council is Live

  1. Purchased and started, about 5 chapters in. Nice story setup, with a crown prince visiting. Nice balance of the Great, Home, and domestic Games. Woe betide anyone who tracks stray dirt onto her favorite rug.

  2. Purchased. The Shikhari stack is waiting until I finish a Grimnoir novel, but life(TM) is getting in the way.

    • I hear you. If I don’t die until I finish my current TBR (to be read) stack, I’ll see the turn of the next millennium.

  3. I really liked it and left a review. I noticed a few things on Amazon that I am sure you have copious spare time to fix. Please ignore the following if you don’t need more work. 🙂

    I noticed the Shikari series entry only has the first four books in it. And it is weird, but some of your author name links on different books go to your author page, but others just do an author name search. And I don’t think the Familiar Tales books have a series entry at all?

    • Some of it has to do with how the search runs – Alma T. C. Boykin or Alma Boykin. I’m trying to get Amazon to shift the author page to Alma T. C. Boykin, and that seems to be breaking links. Thank you for letting me know, and I’ll see what can be sorted out.

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