A Touch Dated? Perhaps . . .

The inundation of political ads and . . . bumf (to use a wonderful Britishism for useless paperwork) reminded me of a sticker I saw some time ago, on the back window of a car in the lot at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

It proudly proclaimed:

“Free the White House 1!

Free the Senate 100!

Heck, throw ’em all out –


I find the sentiment rather congenial today.


13 thoughts on “A Touch Dated? Perhaps . . .

  1. My favourite was always:

    “There’s an easy way to stop repeat offenders. Don’t re-elect them. “

  2. Well, it’s hard to “free” them when they want to be there. đŸ˜‰

    • Toss them out and lock the door behind them. You might have to throw shoes at them to get them to stop pining at the door, but they’ll get the message eventually.

  3. I wish I had another (few) more bumperstickers proclaiming “We know Watt’s right!” Sadly I ran out over a decade ago.
    Hey, my family were ranchers, and active in the Sagebrush Rebellion. (My grandfather was President of the Snake River Cattleman’s Association at the time, so “active” might be understating it a titch.)
    Besides, my surname is… Watt it is.

  4. Unfortunately, given the reality of international politics, a nation needs a chief executive who can deal with scoundrels, sneaky, clever, cutthroat, long-game scoundrels. And who can tell one degree of scoundrel from another, and treat each according to his desserts, and to the threat his nation poses. And that may mean someone who can read scoundrels, and probably someone who can be one at need.

    A strong nation’s foreign policy should be based on “Play nice with us and you win. D*ck with us and you lose.” Or, to put it in classical terms, “No better friend. No worse enemy.” How much forbearance and forgiveness to allow requires the judgement that separates the great from the disasterous.

  5. Yep, that works today too… And Zsuzsa is a little too polite. Flamethrower ‘might’ keep them from scratching at the door…

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